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Dry ice has a history in America dating back to 1925 when Prest Air Devices out of Long Island City, New York made the first CO2 fire extinguisher. Since then this unique property of frozen carbon dioxide has become useful in all sorts of applications. The camper uses dry ice to keep their wet ice cold and avoid a soppy wet ice chest. The hunter may use this 109 below zero products to freeze trophy game. The auto enthusiast can use dry ice to remove dents and dings from their cherry ride. Medical personnel preserve and ship biological samples with dry ice and even use it to remove warts and freckles. And Martha Stewart wannabe (like me) use it to add the perfect touch to their eerie Halloween party!

A popular use of dry ice this time of year is haunted Halloween effects. Our favorite effect at Old Town Newhall Ice is ghostly fog. Producing an air of mystery and fright, low hanging fog is the ultimate special effect at any Halloween bash. To create a foggy room, get out the crock pot add a few cups of hot water and set it to high. Using tongs add a few pieces of dry ice. The hotter the water and the smaller the piece of dry ice the more fog will be produced. You will have to continue adding dry ice as once in water it sublimates quickly. If you don't have a crock pot any plastic container will work but be prepared to dump out frozen water and add hot water to continue the effect. You can also place the crock pot on your food or decoration table. Since the fog given off by the dry ice is denser than air, the fog will spill over the sides of container and linger low on the table, blanketing the refreshments in a cloud of spooky fog. This effect can be moved outside to transfer your yard into a creepy graveyard. Simply place a pan with hot water behind each tombstone drop in a few dry ice chunks and the area will fill with fog. Remember to always use caution when handling dry ice and please don't try to taste it!


quotes I wanted to say that Sara and Newhall Ice is so amazing. Not only do they have awesome ice blocks for sculptures and can take care of all of your ice needs, they are big on supporting the community. Recently they donated to a charity I was involved with. It was so great to see a local small business go out of their way to give back to the community! I would never get ice from anywhere else.

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